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Bidding Over the Opponents Strong NT Opener

There is much on the web about conventional bidding after the opponents open 1NT.  However, there is much less to help advancing players figure out when they should be overcalling, what the reasoning is, and developing a successful partnership strategy. The following is an explanation of probably the most popular reasoning for overcalling over a strong NT.… Continue reading “Bidding Over the Opponents Strong NT Opener”

Forcing and Non-Forcing Bids

The next example auction is a situation which comes up frequently. The hand will continue to  illustrate how to think of bids as either forcing or non-forcing. You hold as East: ♠7 ♥876 ♦QJ5 ♣KQ6543 The auction begins: W            N             E              S 1S           P             ? What do you bid and why? The first bid that… Continue reading “Forcing and Non-Forcing Bids”