Forcing and Non-Forcing Bids

The next example auction is a situation which comes up frequently. The hand will continue to  illustrate how to think of bids as either forcing or non-forcing. You hold as East: ♠7 ♥876 ♦QJ5 ♣KQ6543 The auction begins: W            N             E              S 1S           P             ? What do you bid and why? The first bid that… Continue reading “Forcing and Non-Forcing Bids”

Strong Jump Shifts: Good agreements develop partnership Harmony

That strong jump shifts by Opener are forcing to game is one of the cornerstone agreements of bidding. I find it very interesting that this concept is widely misunderstood. For an explanation of strong jump shifts check out my earlier post in: Forcing and Non-Forcing Bids A story about a hand from a Sectional in Wilmington… Continue reading “Strong Jump Shifts: Good agreements develop partnership Harmony”

Brigde Variants

5-3-3-2-bridge Idea behind: It’s far to easy bidding when seeing all your cards, bridge isn’t supposed to be easy and five card major openings are riddiculous. Rules: Each player are handed 5 cards and so the bidding starts as normal. After the first bidding round all players recieve 3 more cards. After the second round of bidding… Continue reading “Brigde Variants”